Rodent Control


Your business and home are unique different from others even in the same industry category or area. Therefore we develop a specific approach to rodent control for your specific business, industry and regulations This is a tailor made approach, no one situation is the same, every program is especially designed for each and every case.

  • Inspection
  • Identification of conducive conditions that might lead to a pest problem
  • Pest Prevention through Sanitation
  • Pest Proofing
  • Highly Trained Professionals
  • Written Protocols to meet any standard
  • We Exceed your Expectations

Proactive strategy that modifies the factors that allow pests to exist – Rodents are intelligent and understanding their behavior means you are in control. If you are an organic facility or wish to have a complete ecologically friendly program then we have a suitable solution. In any case we will also prioritize pest prevention methods to the use of baits or chemical approaches. This doesn’t mean that we do not use these solutions, we tailor make our strategy to you goal.

We will also evaluate the environmental impact of our rodent control program.

Be ready for the next step in Integrated Pest Management (IPM), the Integrated Pest Prevention (IPP). IPP is a similar strategy to IPM but the action takes place before the pest enters a facility instead of acting reactively once the pest has appeared. Through internal audits  we can help you identify situations that can facilitate the presence of a pest problem. Once detected, we can suggest how the problem can be solved.

The new era on IPM, Integrated Pest Prevention (IPP) is a system that allows a properly trained pest management technician to avoid checking each and every bait station or any other control system installed, and spend more time on proactive inspections. These inspections will be specific for every client. IPP is based on inspections, corrective measures analysis and will focus in giving solutions to the problems that have been detected.

IPP is a science.

A change in the emphasis in Pest Management Practices

In a conventional Integrated Pest Management Program most of the time is spent on rodent device servicing. A big amount of time is spent in recollecting data. On the contrary IPP uses more time inspecting and less time in rodent device servicing. Both  are important. The key to this change is to use a trained technician that knows what to look for. This means more skills and experience compared with IPM technicians. This new philosophy creates hours of time for pro-active inspections. Customers can see a greater value in this approach versus the previous strategy of spending much more time servicing the rodent control devices.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated Pest Prevention (IPP)


Integrated Pest Prevention is fundamental in our rodent control strategy. We will not only eliminate any kind of infestation you might have but try to detect what can be done to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. Sanitation, reducing entry points, good maintenance of interiors and exteriors are pivotal  in a program that goes beyond just controlling rodents, but properly managing them.

We can design protocols  for organic food producers or if you don’t want to use any chemicals in your facility or home. We have special protocols for any situation that will succeed in controlling pest but also doing it in a way that meets and even exceeds your expectations.

How to

Your business and home are unique and different from others even in the same industry category or area. Therefore we develop a specific approach to rodent control suited to your business, industry and regulatory environment

The phases for a good Control Strategy include:

• Thorough and Conscientiousness inspection

• Identify the Pest Presence and Pest Identity

• Identify the Location and Source of the problem

• Determine the Extent of the Infestation

• Analyze the Environmental/Customers Factors that might affect our control strategy

• Establish an Execution Protocol or Plan

• Act accordingly

• Proactive Documentation and Detailed Communication

• If necessary Review Execution Protocol or Plan

We can work with protocols of the most exigent Auditors. Certifications Guaranteed – you worry less as our experience means successful audits.

We will protect your Brand. Don’t let pests harm your reputation


Be proactive, don’t act just as result of happening problem in progress. Planning and preventing are equally important and in the long run cheaper so, let us help you implement a good management strategy that will even exceed your expectations. We have a solution to every problem. Let us show you a new dimension of rodent management, the Integrated Pest Prevention. Integrated Pest Prevention is key in our Culture – prevention is always cheaper then dealing with a catastrophe.

100% Guarantee. Tolerance = ZERO

Don’t wait to implement what’s coming, do it before you are obliged to do it.


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