Now doubt about the Green revolution – its here to stay

  • 76 % of adults prefer to eliminate pest problems with green products
  • 61% seek out pest control services they perceive as green
  • 82% want the products they use to be safe for the environment

Raise the bar, Exceed your Expectations: Green Pest Control is possible

You don’t have a choice! Green is the new future and adapting now means having a competitive edge

The same efficacy in controlling pests but with a more environmentally friendly strategy. We will protect your business or home from pests while protecting the planet – and we truly believe we can!

Green Services – help your planet and help your brand. Raise your sights to a new level, rely on science and expand your knowledge

We have special programs designed for companies that produce organic products.



  • Employ a comprehensive, environmentally friendly approach when providing pest control services
  • Investigate the source of the problem
  • Removal of food and harborage
  • Exclusion
  • Use pesticides only when strictly necessary
  • Monitor, monitor and monitor

Establish partnership with the customer. – that means:

  • We work together with a common understanding
  • Written set of Standards to meet our goals
  • Pest Prevention is key to Success

The key for a Green Pest Management: Multiple Management Strategies and Tools which reduce your environmental footprint

How to

Phases of Green Pest Management:

  • Establish a partnership with your customer. We need you to help us solve a problem
  • Record a detailed history about the pest problem
  • Inspect the property thoroughly:
  • Discuss inspection findings with customer
  • Elaborate management strategies to solve a pest problem using Green Strategies
  • Develop the plan with properly educated technicians
  • Provide customer with inspection records and recommendations.
  • Establish a continuous monitoring program
  • Maintain written reports of the Green Pest Management Process

Pest Prevention is key to Success

Is not a matter only of how to control pest through more environmentally friendly solutions but also it has to be consistent. Consistency is key. That’s why we also offer Digital Communication. Digital reports. Digital protocols. More Information, Less paper. We support green friendly methods and are always looking to help reduce waste.

Each and every protocol will be written evaluating, in every case, the environmental impact of our proposal. This means we’ll be very keen in finding the best solution for every case: efficacy and environmentally friendly.

If you are an organic producer, we have the ideal approach for you. We can perfectly fit in the requirements that your company has.


In Servicios Depec, S.L. we’ve decided to try to leave a better world for our children. That’s why we offer ECOGESTION, as our commitment to the welfare of our Planet. We will always prioritize proactive actions that will solve your pest problems but also trying to minimize the environmental impacts of our services. We will always strive to search for new alternatives through innovation, education and new technology in order to reduce the use of pesticides and improve the sustainability of the earth.

We will protect the health and safety of our employees, and of our customers (their employees and customers too).

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