K9 Teams For Bed Bugs


The first and more difficult step to eliminate a bed bug (Cimex lectularius) infestation is finding them. Even though it can be relatively easy to find adult bed bugs, especially in heavy infestations, finding nymphs and eggs can be virtually impossible. Using her sharp sense of smell, our dog Melody, has been trained to detect bed bugs, being very quick and efficient. Combining her talent with efficient treatments we can provide the most intelligent solution to get rid of a bed bug infestation.
Bed Bug dogs have been used for:

  • Inspecting areas where there’s a suspicion that bed bugs might be present. Early detection is crucial
  • Inspecting adjoining areas to infested rooms to know if they are also infested
  • After a treatment is provided bed bug dogs can carry out inspections to verify if the treatments has been successful.
  • After a treatment they can be used for inspecting adjoining rooms to detect if bed bugs have been able to move from the treated area to another close room.

Why use a dog?

Pest Control Operator Bed Bug Inspection Dogs
Efficacy around 40 – 60 % detecting adults bed bugs Efficacy around 98% detecting bed bugs, all stages adults, nymphs, and eggs
Needs 15 – 20 minutes to inspect one standard hotel room Just needs 2-5 minute to inspect one standard hotel room
Can inspect 3 – 4 rooms per hour Can inspect 6-10 rooms per hour
Greatly disruptive: needs to remove bed, headboard, furniture, etc.) Minimum Disruptive. After the inspection is done the room remains as it was
Limited to a visual inspection Can detect bed bugs even in cluttered rooms, mattress seams, carpets, cracks and crevices using it’s sharp sense of smell.


Our dog Melody has been trained using the same technology and programs used in dogs that have been trained to detect explosives, drugs, wood destroying insects. Melody is the first dog trained to detect bed bugs in the Spanish territory. Her trainer , in Germany, has won many international awards and her keeper in Spain, has been properly trained and keeps Melody fit to perform her job.

Once Melody has detected through their odor, the presence of bed bugs in a room, she will just sit and pinpoint the area where she’s found them. She won’t bark.  (See TVE News Video)

If this happens, we will carry a visual inspection of the area and indicate the customer where the dog has found bed bugs. We can then recommend and perform the best treatment possible to get rid of the pest. (link to Bed Bugs)

How To

Our dog Melody and her keeper are a K9 team that will work together to perform the best possible job. Melody’s keeper will contact you or the person you have designated.

a) They’ll work room per room following the order you’ll have designed for us: rooms were bed bugs have been found in the past, rooms were there’s a suspicion that bed bugs could be present and any other area you might think could hold bed bugs.

b) The inspection will be done thoroughly covering the whole area of the room. This inspection will last around 3 – 5 minutes approximately. The areas where bed bugs are more often found will be inspected (mattress, boxspring, headboards, telephone, etc.) but none will be discarded.

c) If Melody detects through her sharp sense of smell that bed bugs are present she will simply sit and pinpoint the area where bed bugs have been found. She won’t bark.

d) Melody’s keeper will take a close look to the area and will write down where bed bugs have been found.

e) When Melody has detected the presence of a bed bug infestation the adjacent rooms, the above and below ones, should be inspected to check if the pest has spread beyond the room where the infestation has been confirmed.

f) We perform this preventive strategy on hourly bases, the cost is per hour of work of the K9 team. The dog has to rest frequently if we want to maintain her efficacy. In the case that many rooms have to be inspected we might have to do it in more than one day.

g) Once the inspection has been done, if no bed bugs have been found, Melody’s keeper will contact you to plan the next service, this way you’ll be sure that all rooms are inspected on regular basis.

h) If our K9 team detects a bed bug infestation we will coordinate with you to plan the best control strategy to get rid of the pest. Our technical team will explain the different possibilities and perform the best possible treatment for each situation. (link to Bed Bugs)


Bed bug dogs are more efficient, more economical, less disruptive and quicker than any pest control operator or expert in detecting bed bugs. Specially on initial stages of an infestation or when there are just a few bed bugs in the area, bed bug dogs, thanks to their sharp sense of smell, can detect this little insects.

They can detect all stages of bed bugs: adults, nymphs and eggs while for humans this is virtually impossible. Of course, dogs have to be properly trained and Melody has been trained by one of the best dog trainers in Europe, winner of many international awards all over the world. Melody’s keeper has been properly trained to continue and perform continuous training to always maintain her efficacy.

Be Proactive, don’t act reactively. Don’t wait until you have bed bugs, our K9 team can help you know if you have a bed bug infestation, but can also help you know that there’s no infestation so no treatment is needed. On bed bug infestations an early detection is key to a quick and total control.

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