Who are we?

Welcome to Depec, your Sustainable Pest Management company.

Management: Pest Management goes beyond Pest Control. We don’t just limit ourselves to eliminating pests. Pest Management is a much modern concept and it includes a proactive strategy that modifies the factors that allow a pest to exist. This way we don’t just eliminate a pest, but we also try to ensure that the pest doesn’t appear again.

Sustainable: We will always prioritize the adoption of proactive measures that help us solve the problems caused by pests and we will do it using environmentally friendly solutions. Our commitment is to always search for  new alternatives and be able to offer them to our clients. This can only be achieved through innovation, education and the use of new technologies that help us reduce the use of biocides and therefore preserve the sustainability of the planet. We will protect the health and safety of our employees and of our clients.

Our efforts rely in reducing the use of biocides and in using environmentally friendly pest management strategies, while we still provide the most effective solutions to our customers. We are totally committed to the preservation of the environment and in the protection of the health, the safety and the property of our clients.

In Depec we take the time necessary to know and understand your company, your needs and circumstances, working together with you. This way we can design and implement pest management programs that will help protect your brand, that will be specific for your industry, your company, your home, and the best for your family, employees and clients.

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