Ethical Code

In Depec we are all committed to work in an ethical and professional way, always and under any circumstance. What you perceive of the services we provide is the measure of our success.

• Nothing can compromise our Code of Ethics regarding the way we work.

• The perception that you receive of the services we provide, is the measure of our success. We must guarantee that we will fulfill our obligations.

• Through investigation, education and the introduction of new technologies and systems that ensure a continuous quality improvement, we will generate the conditions that must allow us to squeeze all our potential as a company that provides Sustainable Pest Management Services.

• Team work. That’s the guarantee of success.

The end result is that we must establish a reliable relationship with our clients and that this relationship can be extended over the years.


• Our Objective is simple: We want our clients and all those that work in our industry to recognize us as the best company, not only in the pest management industry but in any sector.

• Provide a higher value to our customers at a reasonable price.

• Use innovative systems especially those that reduce the impact of our services in the environment.

• Continuous education at all levels.

• Maintaining our Code of Ethics

• Be leaders in Investigation, Innovation and in Continuous Quality Improvement

Our customers deserve it.

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