Environmental Philosophy

Our new logo transmits our aspiration to offer Sustainable Pest Management Services.

In the past controlling pests meant killing them, generally using traditional chemical biocides. Today we are talking about Pest Management which represents and evolution to what we consider, a more precise science. New products, methods and strategies have been developed that manage a given pest and that have minimum impacts on non target species and the environment. This philosophy was embraced by our company years ago. But we have gone further and now we talk about Integrated Pest Prevention that goes beyond Integrated Pest Management. We act before the pest exists, act proactively, not just when the pest is already established. We offer solutions that protect your Brand, your company (employees and customers), your family and the planet in which you live.  Remember that we are talking about you, your family, where you work, your customers and the Earth.

Our Sustainable Pest Management Policy will always include:
• Commitment to implement sustainable pest management strategies based on Integrated Pest Prevention.

• Prioritizing the use of non chemical strategies whenever this is possible.

• Generating a specific plan designed for you and that will clearly mark that biocides will only be used when it’s necessary and once other non chemical strategies have been implemented and have failed.

• If chemical biocides are used prioritize always the use of those that are less toxic (for the people, non target fauna, the environment).

• Have the possibility of using different action plans to control any given pest.

• In the case that chemical biocides are used, evaluate the environmental impact of the actions that will be done.

• Have a plan that continuously evaluates the services we provide and guarantee a constant communication with our client.

In Servicios Depec, s.l., we have decided that we must leave a better world for our children. That’s why we offer ECOGESTION, our commitment with the welfare of our planet. We will always prioritize the use of proactive actions that help us solve your pest problems but always minimizing the environmental impacts of the services we provide. We will do our best to search for new alternatives using innovation, education and new technologies in order to reduce the use of biocides and improve the Earth’s sustainability. We will protect the health and safety of our employees and of our customers (also their own employees and customers).

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