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    Depec obtains the CEN Standard EN 16636 certification

    One of the first European companies

    to obtain this certification

    One of the first European companies to obtain this certification

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    Videos about the OCP treatment

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    Your business without any concern related to pest

    A full professional team of technical specialists

    with years of experience will deal to solve your problems

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    Green Pest Control

    Environmentally responsible solutions

    that will protect your business pests

    Environmentally responsible solutions that will protect your business pests

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    Number one pest control company in Catalonia

    Demostration, Differentiation, Diversification

    Early detection affects in

    a more cost-effective management pests

    Early detection affects in a more cost-effective management pests


Who are we?

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Welcome to Depec, your Sustainable Pest Management company.

Management: Pest Management goes beyond Pest Control. We don’t just limit ourselves to eliminating pests. Pest Management is a much modern concept and it includes a proactive strategy that modifies the factors that allow a pest to exist. This way we don’t just eliminate a pest, but we also try to ensure that the pest doesn’t appear again.

Sustainable: We will always prioritize the adoption of proactive measures that help us solve the problems caused by pests and we will do it using environmentally friendly solutions. Our commitment is to always search for  new alternatives and be able to offer them to our clients. This can only be achieved through innovation, education and the use of new technologies that help us reduce the use of biocides and therefore preserve the sustainability of the planet. We will protect the health and safety of our employees and of our clients.

Our efforts rely in reducing the use of biocides and in using environmentally friendly pest management strategies, while we still provide the most effective solutions to our customers. We are totally committed to the preservation of the environment and in the protection of the health, the safety and the property of our clients.

In Depec we take the time necessary to know and understand your company, your needs and circumstances, working together with you. This way we can design and implement pest management programs that will help protect your brand, that will be specific for your industry, your company, your home, and the best for your family, employees and clients.

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Environmental Philosophy

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Our new logo transmits our aspiration to offer Sustainable Pest Management Services.

In the past controlling pests meant killing them, generally using traditional chemical biocides. Today we are talking about Pest Management which represents and evolution to what we consider, a more precise science. New products, methods and strategies have been developed that manage a given pest and that have minimum impacts on non target species and the environment. This philosophy was embraced by our company years ago. But we have gone further and now we talk about Integrated Pest Prevention that goes beyond Integrated Pest Management. We act before the pest exists, act proactively, not just when the pest is already established. We offer solutions that protect your Brand, your company (employees and customers), your family and the planet in which you live.  Remember that we are talking about you, your family, where you work, your customers and the Earth.

Our Sustainable Pest Management Policy will always include:
• Commitment to implement sustainable pest management strategies based on Integrated Pest Prevention.

• Prioritizing the use of non chemical strategies whenever this is possible.

• Generating a specific plan designed for you and that will clearly mark that biocides will only be used when it’s necessary and once other non chemical strategies have been implemented and have failed.

• If chemical biocides are used prioritize always the use of those that are less toxic (for the people, non target fauna, the environment).

• Have the possibility of using different action plans to control any given pest.

• In the case that chemical biocides are used, evaluate the environmental impact of the actions that will be done.

• Have a plan that continuously evaluates the services we provide and guarantee a constant communication with our client.

In Servicios Depec, s.l., we have decided that we must leave a better world for our children. That’s why we offer ECOGESTION, our commitment with the welfare of our planet. We will always prioritize the use of proactive actions that help us solve your pest problems but always minimizing the environmental impacts of the services we provide. We will do our best to search for new alternatives using innovation, education and new technologies in order to reduce the use of biocides and improve the Earth’s sustainability. We will protect the health and safety of our employees and of our customers (also their own employees and customers).

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Diversify: We’ll always try to find new strategies that can be offered to our customers so we can always select the best approach for each case. The use of new technologies is vital, this includes the use of internal management systems, communication systems and, of course, new pest management methodology.

Differentiation: Through continuous innovation and the use of new technologies we can differentiate our company from our competitors.

Demonstration: The demonstration that we are efficient is the key to success. Being acknowledged by our customers and by those who work in our industry as the best company, not only in our industry but also in any other industry.

We’ll add to the three DDD’s one aspect that is a very important part of our culture, the S for Sustainability.

Sustainability: We will apply Pest Management Strategies that are Sustainable. The same efficacy in controlling pests but with an strategy that is more environmentally friendly. We will protect your home and your brand and at the same time we’ll protect our planet – and we really think we can do it!

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Ethical Code

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In Depec we are all committed to work in an ethical and professional way, always and under any circumstance. What you perceive of the services we provide is the measure of our success.

• Nothing can compromise our Code of Ethics regarding the way we work.

• The perception that you receive of the services we provide, is the measure of our success. We must guarantee that we will fulfill our obligations.

• Through investigation, education and the introduction of new technologies and systems that ensure a continuous quality improvement, we will generate the conditions that must allow us to squeeze all our potential as a company that provides Sustainable Pest Management Services.

• Team work. That’s the guarantee of success.

The end result is that we must establish a reliable relationship with our clients and that this relationship can be extended over the years.


• Our Objective is simple: We want our clients and all those that work in our industry to recognize us as the best company, not only in the pest management industry but in any sector.

• Provide a higher value to our customers at a reasonable price.

• Use innovative systems especially those that reduce the impact of our services in the environment.

• Continuous education at all levels.

• Maintaining our Code of Ethics

• Be leaders in Investigation, Innovation and in Continuous Quality Improvement

Our customers deserve it.

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Leaders in Innovation

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  • THERMONOX. We are pioneers in Spain in the use of heat treatments to control pests. (Link to Thermonox)
  • K9 TREATMENTS. The first and up till now, only dog in Spain, trained to detect bed bugs and that works continuously arrived at our company in May 2011
  • BIOCONTROL. We have started with great success our Biocontrol program. In a totally ecological way, using bacteria and enzymes, we can eliminate the biofilm in which many pests live on, prevent the appearance of potentially dangerous bacteria, especially in the food industry, and control odors that often appear in different kinds of conducts.
  • ECOGESTION. The same efficacy in Pest Management while using strategies that protect more intensively the environment. We protect you from pests and we do it protecting also our planet – AND WE BELIEVE WE CAN REALLY MAKE IT
  • Pioneers in using management systems that guarantee the complete traceability of the services we provide. Using QR (Quick Response Bar Codes) we can always know when the control points installed in you plant/home have been inspected (day/hour/minute/second). This guarantees you and third party auditors, inspectors, etc., that the service is being fulfilled.
  • TECHNOLOGY USED TO DETECT PESTS TRENDS. Our TDTP program uses colored maps that show the points or areas where more pest activity is found. Checking this maps we can identify where problems are found more often, and we can also detect pest trends. This allows us to establish strategies based in objective criteria, that will lead to a greater and faster success.
  • SECUROX. Using chlorine dioxide we offer Legionella management services especially designed for complex installations where Legionella outbreaks are found periodically. If this is you case, we can offer you the best solution to your problem. Techonology available for water purification. Find out more.
  • New program to control pests using vacuum + gases (inert or carbon dioxide). This technology is already available for food products and raw materials. We expect to have it also ready for wood destroying organisms, especially cork, in the near future.
  • Already working on a new heat program using chambers. This technology is ideal to control bed bugs. Specially designed for treatments in homes, hostels and hotels. Ideal to treat mattresses, bedsprings, furniture (including chairs and sofas), and can also be used to treat linen and clothes.

Our CEO giving a lecture about bedbugs in PestWorld 2011 (New Orleans)

Our commitment: Continue innovating so we can always offer the latest technology in Pest Management Programs.

This commitment would be impossible to achieve if we don’t continue with our education programs. All our employees are very active participating in the educational sessions we are implementing periodically. To guarantee the effectiveness of this educational programs, all of them end with tests and with specific sessions for qualified technicians.

Offering Best Quality Services To Our Customers

Depec’s success is the direct result of our investment in knowledge and education. Knowledge and Investigation of new technologies that can be applied in our industry, continuous education of all our employees, not only for our technicians. This way we can offer a global service, from the person that picks up the phone to the technician that provides the services to our clients. This continuous education permits that our employees increase their knowledge which will lead to a Maximum Quality of the services we provide. This strategy has allowed us to keep on growing and being better every day. Our customers value our bet for Quality in its maximum sense.

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ANECPLA: Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Control de Plagas www.anecpla.com
M.A.P.A. Ministerio de Agricultura Pesca y Alimentación www.mapa.es
M.M.A. Ministerio Medio Ambiente www.mma.es
M.S.C. – Ministerio de Sanidad y Consumo www.msc.es
GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA. Departament de Salut www.gencat.net/salut
GOOGLE www.google.es

Other links

  • adviser’s office in Barcelona: Jimenez-Ridruejo & Asociados S.L. is an adviser’s office in Barcelona specializing in small and medium enterprises. Services tax, labor, accounting, commercial advice. Constitution of societies.

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  • Our Innovation


    The only system - guarantees the elimination of eggs, larvae/nymphs, pupas and adults.


    Pest control thats environmentally friendly.

    K9 Teams For Bed Bugs

    Meet Melody, our secret weapon to detect bed bugs.

    Modified atmospheres

    The answer to eliminate pests in infested food products.


    Use bacteria and enzymes to remove pathogens and control pests.

    Hot camera

    La cámara de calor “SleepEasy” es la solución biológica ante los productos químicos.
  • Pest control

    Bed bug solutions

    Sleep tight. Effective solutions for the urban pest of the 21st Century.

    Rodent Control

    We don't just remove them, we prevent them comming back.

    Insect Control

    Integrated Pest Prevention, a step ahead in controlling pests.

    Fly Control

    Controlling flies and gnats is achievable. Learn how.

    Bird Control

    They wont foul again. Keep the building working and looking good.

    Legionella Control and Prevention

    Chlorine Dioxide, the alternative solution to control Legionella.

    Internal Audits

    Early detection, means less problems and less costs.

    Xylophagous treatment

    Eliminate the threat. Act proactively against organisms that destroy wood.
  • About us

    Environmental Philosophy

    Protect our future - protect the environment


    DDD - Diversification, Differentiation, Demonstration

    Ethical Code

    Objective: to be the best in the field.

    Leaders in Innovation

    Innovation is central to sustainable services.


    Our accreditations strengthens the brand
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